Hand Crafted masks in fine leather

Annette Bohling is an artist based on the North Cornish coast South West England.

She sculpts each mask by hand, crafted in the finest leather. She moulds , cuts and carves the leather until she gets the desired effect. They are then hand coloured, using a complex range of tones.

Annette Bohling draws her inspiration from the nature and the splendour of the dramatic and rugged cliffs of Cornwall. Nature’s elements , the sky , the sea, and the woodlands and valleys, flora and fauna all seem to influence the colour and look of each mask. Each face has it’s own charm.

Having worked for many years, she has developed her own unique style which is at once eyecatching and original. The masks are to be enjoyed as a work of art, designed to hang on the wall or to be displayed on a stand and are available in a wide range of sizes.

There is an exclusive wearable range , which are suitable for a masked ball !! Annette Bohling also creates exquisite brooches, necklaces and hair slides, based on leaf designs.

Annette Bohling's work is collected world wide. She has exhibited widely in the UK, including at the Primivera Gallery in Cambridge and at the “Festive Fayre”, at the Wallace Collection in London.

Commisions are taken by arrangement with Annette Bohling, or pop by the Covent Garden market on Fridays and Sundays, where she has a stall in the vibrant atmosphere of the Apple Market in the heart of London.

Contact: Annette Bohling 

Tel. +44 (0)1288 331 431 or +44 (0)781 2734 031